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Ethical Crystals


Home Decor


Head Witch

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Shadow Work Reading


“I began the journey of breaking the cycle of toxicity in my life and I’d gotten to a place where I felt stagnant in my process. After Kendra did my reading she gave me an exercise to try getting my shadow work moving again. She went above and beyond a reading and her advise got me back on track. Thank you, Kendra!” —Tina

Ethically Sourced Deer Spine Candle Holder


“ “Beautiful, that is the only word I can use to describe just how lovely this candle holder. I love that everything is ethically sourced in this store and how quickly things ship.” —Lena

Black Moon Dreamcatcher


“ I absolutely love Kendra and her work anyhow, so when she announced she was going to make dream catchers I decided to immediately jump on it. I am so glad I did! It is so beautiful and fits perfectly in my bedroom window! Thank you Kendra!” —victoria

Tarot Reading


“ I can't even recall how many readings I've gotten from kendra, but each one is an absolute BANGER. Her intuition and message are always spot on and such guiding lights for whatever questions/situations I need them for. 20/10 would recommend!” — Stephanie

Tarot Reading


“ In one word, Kendra is amazing. Her readings are freakishly accurate and are highly detailed. I’ve had a few readings from her but honestly everyone needs this reading. This reading has helped me through some stuff that I didn’t even realise I still held onto. 10/10 would recommend her to everyone!” — Bronwyn

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