The Dark Luminology Tarot

This is where is began. For a few weeks, I felt myself connecting more deeply with her, this mysterious woman posing as The Hermit with a mask covering her face — both silencing her and protecting her. We were all forced into the cave of The Hermit and we have seen how much this self-isolation has profoundly affected us. This is where The Dark Luminology Tarot deck began. 

The Dark Luminology tarot can be found where light and dark kiss. It is the philosophical idea that dark and light cannot exist without the other, and that sometimes we must walk into the night that may be full of monsters, prejudice, creepy crawlers, corrupt men in suits, and vicious protests for the light of truth to be illuminated. The Dark Luminology tarot is a challenge to face that darkness, become aware of it and become one with it so that you can grab hold of the rebellious sparks of light to find your way out. This deck is a war cry for revolution. Know thy enemy.

It is my hope that new and experienced tarot readers will be able to connect with the symbols within these cards on both an intuitive and modern level. I have included imagery that I feel best represents that traditional meanings of the cards, and I have evolved traditional tarot imagery to suit 2020; the year that evil was brought to light and we decided we didn’t want to go back to normal.

The Dark Luminology Tarot Coming to Kickstarter 2021 — The year we rise up.


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