Sigils for Spells, Rituals and Manifestation

Sigils are magical symbols created ritualistically and designed for specific intentions in the goal of aiding the user in heightened manifestation powers.

This week I created a Sigil of Prosperity for myself using the pentagram or pentacle which is a symbol not only for the elements but also used in tarot to denote issues regarding property, finances, and material possessions, to encase my unique sigil. Around the pentacle, I illustrated mint which is a relentless herb that will take over wherever it is planted. I have mirrored the images on top and bottom to reflect each other and symbolize, “as above, so below”.

Today, I finished a custom sigil for a client who had started her own business and desired a sigil to help aid in manifesting the success, sustainability, and prosperity of her business. She chose mushrooms and I added in crystals for her because she is a crystal wholesaler, and a Moon for feminine energy because she is also a new mom, as well as pine twigs to symbolize the growth of her business. This was a really special piece to work on.

Custom sigil for spells and rituals

I just love how simple things like a sigil can invoke so much power into our spellwork and manifestation and I’m delighted to share these with all of you.

I’ve added both of these sigils to my Etsy shop to purchase as art prints, stickers, or pdf files for printing, as well as created a listing if you would like for me to make you a custom sigil. One of the best things about sigils is that you can put them anywhere. You could have them in a frame on your altar, In your Book of Shadows, or you could stick them on your laptop! Your sigil can be related to anything you desire to manifest so long as it harm none. I can’t wait to create magick for you!

To visit my etsy, follow this link.

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