Blood Crystals?

I’ve spent the past few days researching products for my shop, crystals specifically. I curated a whole list of unique minerals I wanted to offer all of you in the future, only to realize at the end of my research that my spiritual community is knowingly or unknowingly supporting child labor, poor wages, poor working conditions, injury, death, and not to mention the use of environmentally harmful mining practices — primarily in countries such as Brazil, Mexico, Madagascar, China, and Pakistan.
Are ALL mines guilty of this, perhaps not. But regulations and investigation has not been put in place like they were after the truth about diamond mining came out. When my husband proposed to me I was adamant that I didn’t want a diamond just for this reason, now come to find out that this moonstone setting could have just as dark origins.
I think that more awareness is spreading about this subject and crystal sellers are trying to do their best but facts are, unless someone can visit the mine directly, no one can be certain. It’s a gamble, and for me I’m not willing to take someone’s word that their products are mined ethically for their workers and the environment just so I can have the pretty crystals I want. Money vs. integrity.
Aside from the fact that this is not spiritual living, if we believe that crystals absorb energy, then how do we know that the crystals we are buying aren’t holding the echos of screams from children in dark caverns where they can barely breathe? I’m not sure all the sage or salt in the world could cleanse that.
I’m committed to doing better and so I’m now offering 100% ethically sourced crystals directly from a small, miner in Colorado. To view the collection of ancient crystals untouched by a slew of unknown hands and free of negative harvesting, please visit my shop.


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