Ukraine Tarot Reading

When small men throw tantrums the effects ricochet across the planet. I’m going to be real, I felt completely helpless today, so I did what I normally do when I feel helpless. I consulted the tarot.

Why Did Putin attack Ukraine? — Death

This card indicates that Putin may fear for the future of Russia and is either resistant to change or is attempting to transcend by extending power and control. In a more literal context, this card could also indicate that Putin is a sociopath and relishes the death of the innocent at his command.

Why now? — The Lovers R

Something may be causing Putin to panic and create conflict within him. There is separation, trust issues, disconnection, and a lack of accountability surrounding this card. It feels as though there is something about his actions that are not being made visible to the public.

What are Putin’s motives? — seven of pentacles

His motives appear to be related to the propagation of money, power, and influence. He may believe that he is making a decision that may be hard for him or those around him to accept, he believes that Russia will reap the rewards of this venture at a later date.

What will the final outcome be? — The Empress R

The outcome of his actions will be disharmony, unstable ground, a lack of growth, and a lack of abundance. This could also suggest that his vision will be prematurely ended and that there may be a consequence to Mother Earth due to his carelessness.

What does the future hold for Putin? — 5 of wands R

In the future, the conflict that Putin has started will come to and end but he may not back down quietly so we could see further acts of extreme aggression and war as it is unlikely that compromise can be reached.


Will Russia launch a nuclear attack on the US? No

Will Russia attack other countries? No

Will there be an end to Russian rule? Yes

Will someone kill Putin? No

Will Putin kill himself? No

Will Putin be imprisoned? Yes

Will he be imprisoned this year? Yes, this month of February.

I feel better now. I hope you do too. Fingers crossed!


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