Deck Review: Mystic Martian Oracle

Mystic Martian Oracle deck review 3 Of Stones
Mystic Martian Oracle

If you know me, you know I’m a nerd and have been obsessed with little, green men since I was like 12 and watched the ”Alien Autopsy” video on my AOL dial-up computer. After having my own UFO sightings, one confirmed by MUFON, my interest has only strengthened.

Mystic Martian Oracle review 3 Of Stones
Mystic Martian Oracle

So it goes without saying that I was ridiculously excited about Rockpool Publishing and Lisa Porter (author) releasing the Mystic Martian Oracle. The silver, matte detailing and extraterrestrial green edging on the cards just really add to the sci-fi feel of this deck. I also truly appreciate that the author takes subject matter that has often been considered foil-hat level conspiracy theory, and brought in inter-dimensional beings that have been reported by eyewitnesses throughout history. She brilliantly adds backstory that fuels each of the card meanings, but also invites the reader to develop a friendship with these aliens that have been reportedly visiting us since (some would say) the beginning of human kind.

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Mystic Martian Oracle review 3 Of Stones
Mystic Martian Oracle

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