BINARIUS, A TALE OF VICTIM AND PERPETRATOR, AND THOSE WHO INEVITABLY -- ARE BOTH. Somewhere beneath, within, outside the timelines of the cosmos, a planet has been tactically infected with poison. For this reason, Firinne lives with constant anxiety. She remembers a time when she was normal; before The Blacken came. Seemingly overnight, she is faced with betrayal, forcing her to abandon Citrine. What she finds is a world gone mad. Hunted by her betrayer and packs of mechanical creatures — she finds a ruin that lights up the sky, and an electric orphan who hides in the shadows. Together, they discover a prophecy that could ensure the survival of their planet — if they can manage to stay alive. The end of The Blacken might be near, but sometimes endings are disguised as new beginnings -- and some endings last forever. Published: 2016 After purchasing this digital ebook, you will receive an email link where you can download.



“Kendra McMahan eases readers into a unique and well-developed world where
darkness, as a concept, seizes our fear and hatred, rendering us trapped by our own
shadows. The vocabulary of McMahan’s world is impeccable – not the disjointed
jamming together of apostrophes and consonants that make fantasy, sometimes,
difficult to read. She provides us with a strong willed narrator up against the physical
manifestations of an idea, and draws us in with wonder as she describes the
universe her protagonist, Firrine, inhabits.”

“The author delivers this story with such a passion, as if it were her own. You cannot
help but feel compassion for the heroine and severe dislike for her oppressors. It’s
lovely to read a book that puts importance on greater causes like preservation, home,
hearth, family and survival as opposed to on something like fickle relationships. It
is nice to see that this author is continuing the growing trend of strong women with
strong minds. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and am excited to see how the story
evolves. I would definitely recommend this as a read!”

“Anyone who has stepped into other dystopian world’s of the YA nature know how
tricky life can get for these young heroes. Or in this case, our heroine, Firinne, young
and naive, but full of hope.There are many underlying issues in this book, and in
order to avoid any spoilers I’ll refrain from bringing them up in this review.However,
this author did an amazing job in getting me hooked to Fia and hearing the story of
The Blacken. While the cliffhanger was brutal, it’s a promise that something is just
around the corner for this noble girl fighting to save more than just her own life.A
must read if you fancy Rowling, Riggs, or even Collins.”

“The series (so far?) is imaginative and compelling, truly original. But it’s not so far
‘out there’ as to be un-relatable. The intelligent reader will see that it’s not so much
of a leap from things as they are now in the world to things as they WILL BE if we
don’t wake up. This is written for the current generation, the generation that must
take on the big issues: Capitalism, Indigenous Peoples’ rights, and environmental
Oh, and any sensitive reader will fall in love with the characters. They are multilayered
and multi-dimensional in their strengths and their flaws.”