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Imbolc Tarot Readings

Celebrate Imbolc and the beginnings of spring by honoring the Celtic Goddess Brigid with this bespoke tarot reading! Imbolc is the time to release the past and look towards the fertility of the future. Let’s do some spiritual, spring cleaning!

In this tarot reading we will cover:

  1. What can I leave behind?
  2. What should I plant for the future?
  3. What blessings does Goddess Brigid bestow on me this season?

Plus, a bonus Imbolc Oracle card using your choice of the Herbiary, Bestiary, or Crystalliary Oracle.

Purchase for $11.11 here.


Why I’m here.

I’ve spent lifetimes working through my own trauma. Abuse from relationships. Self-abuse caused by emotional crushing. Trauma from my body always trying to fight against me. Trauma from financial scarcity. Mortality trauma relating to a suicide in the family. Trauma from broken hearts and mistrust. Emotional womb trauma after my daughter’s birth. I’ve been manipulated. Cheated on. Lied to. Emotionally abused. Physically abused. Ashamed. Mortified. And guess what, I’m STILL trying to heal. I’m still fighting battles with anxiety, second guessing, limiting beliefs, distrust, anger, and emotional anguish. There’s days where I wake up and wonder what the fuck I’m doing with my life, or why it’s so hard for my body to feel good, or why I feel so emotionally disconnected and too emotionally connected sometimes at the same time — you know “the numb”. I know I’m not alone in this.
You may be thinking; “How in the hell this witch thinks that she can help heal my trauma when she doesn’t even have her shit together?” But here’s the thing…the reason why I am here is because two major things.

  1. When I read for you, I am able to aid in your healing because I can emotionally empathize with your pain, and because when I aid in your healing, I heal myself.
  2. When I read for you, it makes every fucked up thing I have ever been through in my life MEAN SOMETHING. It makes every tear, every scream, every cut gashed into my skin out of desperation to feel alive…MEAN SOMETHING. It makes my pain matter. Because when you come to me for a tarot reading and the universe speaks through me, and we can talk it out, and I can give you tools and rituals to work through your shit, it’s because I have been right where you are or at least close to it.
    NO ONE can help heal the broken unless they themselves have been broken. — Read that back and repeat it.
    I vow that I will be your advocate, support you, guard your secrets, guide you to the best of my ability, be your fierce supporter. Together we heal. Together we manifest a life beyond the darkness of trauma.
    I’ll be here when you are ready to heal with me. Eternally. Take the first step and drop me a shadow 👇🏼

Defence Against the Dark Arts

Everyday, we bombard and are bombarded by negative energies with every negative thought we have and others have because thoughts are energy which is why it is so important for us to be mindful of our thoughts. It is equally important as witches, empaths, and healers to learn how to effectively protect ourselves from these negative energies be they unintentional or otherwise as they can cause mood swings, depression, illness, and misfortune; ripping holes in our auras and draining our energy.

To shield yourself, do the following: (Use sage, lavender, or pine to smudge yourself before hand if you are able).

  • Sit somewhere quiet, preferably outside, and close your eyes, imagining that the light of the sun, moon, or stars is being drawn down to you, penetrating your being and spiraling downward inside of you and all around you, healing your body, your spirit, your mind, and your aura – and Imagine this light becoming roots that shoot from the bottoms of your feet and penetrate into the Earth and that any negativity is absorbed by the Earth where it can be neutralized.
  • Once you have done this, imagine a crystal plate above your head, it continues to grow and flows down around you, encapsulating you in a crystal egg, or sphere. This crystal allows energy that serves your highest good to reach you because it is clear but it also transmutes negative energy into love, and sends it back to the sender.
  • Take a deep breath and open your eyes.
  • Thank the universe, your angels and spirit guides, or Great Spirit for their protection. As above, so below. So mote it be.
    This should be done daily and especially before leaving the house. Make it a priority to do every morning especially if you are highly empathic and struggle with the energy of others.

Let me know what color your crystal is? Is it quartz, is it tinted? Is it citrine like the color of the Sun? Mine is clear quartz crystal.

Protection magic, protection spell,

How to manifest all the things.

It is time to release yourself from fear loops that were created by trauma and learned experiences in your life because until you heal those traumas, you don’t have enough space for the relationship you want, the career you want, the friendships you want, or even the financial freedom you desire. Trauma is something that we all experience in one form or another but it is my job as a witch, healer, and intuitive, to guide you through these traumas whether they are born from this life or your past lives. Allow me to be your ride-or-die witch and help you free yourself from the toxic remnants of past experiences and toxic belief systems. It’s time to stop letting the past control your present. It is time to make room for all of your desires and live a life that is inspired by joy, love, creativity, abundance, and prosperity. When you are ready to put in the work, I’ll be there.
Get in touch with me directly.
Let’s do this.
It’s time to clean house.

Tell me what’s going on babe!

Card of The Day

Card of the day
What desires have you forbidden yourself from out of fear or self-punishment? When we connect with our deepest desires and allow ourselves to freely hope for them or actively pursue them when they are aligned to our highest good, we also find reconnection with ourselves.



Even the solar system is getting spooky and simply oozing with Halloween spirit this season! But what does that mean for us mere mortals? The New Moon will enter Scorpio on October 27th and ironically enough, Scorpio calls for the masks to fall; to embrace truth, transformation, and the acceptance of both our light and our darkness.

Scorpio calls on us to acknowledge everything about ourselves, our lives, and our past that is painful and uncomfortable because it is not until we can shine light on the darkest parts of our being that we can begin to heal from rotting wounds, unearth the skeletons that are taking up space in our closets making room for self-expansion, or take off the masks that we wear as defence from judgement of ourselves and others—can we acquire healing. In addition, the New Moon is a great time to set intentions for goals and the future, so look at this time as a way of sweeping away the old energies that you have been avoiding, so that you can welcome in spiritual abundance on all levels.

To extend the unmasking process, evidently, Scorpio does not tolerate deception on any account. During the Scorpio moon we will surely be made aware of the truth whether we like it or not so it is best to embrace truth openly to build a healthy relationship with honesty and integrity. If you find yourself deceiving someone else in your life, now would be a great time to be proactive in the situation where you are one step ahead of Mercury rather than a perhaps, not so pretty unveiling.

New Moon in Scorpio calls on us to shed our falsities and our shadows, and lovingly set fire to it for all the cosmos to witness.

Finally, as we move into retrograde on Halloween/Samhain, Mercury calls on us to slow down and be mindful of our words — you will need to pay extra attention to how you are communicating with others. During Mercury retrograde, it is always a good time to back up electronic devices so Mercury doesn’t play a bad trick on you this Halloween, reflect on plans and fine tune the details before committing to them, and as always, inner self-reflection. With Mercury in Retrograde during Scorpio New Moon, I feel like this retrograde will call on us to not only reveal our ugly and sometimes brutal truths, but also really allow ourselves to sit with them; explore how we feel about them, how they affect us, what we can learn from them, how we can emotionally release them — reflect hard on these dark and dusty corners before you hastily sweep them away because they will only turn up in another dusty corner, perhaps conspiring with what lives there.

While this season may seem ominous, sometimes the ultimate chaos is what leads to the ultimate transformation so though it may be daunting, if you embrace it with open arms and commit yourself to taking off your mask and clearing the rotten bits, things not only might smell better in your closet but you might find yourself transforming, healing, and expanding into a more authentic version of yourself. Plus, zombies need Hugs too!

Below I have brewed a few rituals that you can try this week to help propel you into that authenticity.


On Halloween night, after you have done your tricks and treats, but before you have taken off your halloween costume, stand in front of a mirror and with every piece of your costume that comes off, repeat the following:

I no longer need this mask to protect me.

I am healed of my wounds.

I am healed of insecurity.

I am worthy of love.

The shadows don’t scare me.

I welcome them.

Just as I welcome the light.

I accept my authentic self

Because I am human

And everything that I was and everything

That I am, has made me who I am today.

And I am ghoulishly spooktacular.

So Mote It Be.

Journaling With The New Moon

The New Moon is a great time to set new intentions so during this New Moon I would suggest the following journal prompts:

1. What am I still holding onto from the past that no longer serves me? (Then destroy this page however you see fit and release it forever.)

2. What am I insecure about it my life? What do I try to hide from the world?

3. What do I love about myself?

4. What are my goals for the next 6 months?

5. What action could I take during the week of the Full Moon that could support my goals?

New Moon Scorpio Tarot Reading

This spread has a Halloween theme and is designed to bring inner shadows to light, guide you on releasing those shadows, prepare you for the next month, show you where your focus should be, and give you divine guidance for the month.

1. Skeletons In The Closet

2. Banishing the Ghosts in the Attic

3. A Visit With The Gypsy

4. Spell Casting

5. The Mystic in The Mountains

6. Masks Off

I’ll be offering this reading for an empathy-based donation of:

£20 £30 £40 to book