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Tarot for Children

As a Mum-Witch, tarot and oracle readings are a big part of our family. I introduced our daughter to tarot and oracle when she was 6-years-old and since, we have used them to give her guidance and she has even taken to giving readings to others and herself. We have found them to be a truly magickal tool for her as she processes feelings that are sometimes too big for her little bones.That’s why I am so happy to be able to offer this to your children. Readings can be done on behalf of the child or for the parent if they are looking for insight into their children. 

In addition, bought some really cute decks for everyone to use with their readings that are 100% kid friendly — let’s face it, sometimes the tarot depictions can be a little too creepy for the little witches and wizards. 

So, if you are interested in booking a reading, these bespoke tarot spreads can be found on my website or on my Etsy shop! I can’t wait to read for your littles!

Weekly Tarot Reflection

I’m elated to say that this week I was fully booked up with readings back to back. With these readings came a lot of powerful messages that I am sharing because I think we all could do with hearing it.

Tonight I did a compatibility reading for a client and this was the first one that I’ve done that wasn’t positive. It is such an awful feeling to have to deliver that to someone who’s hopeful about a new relationship but I trust my cards and I trust the universe.

Sometimes the things we want aren’t what is good for us. Sometimes the people that we want are mirroring old relationships that we thought we had broken free from. Sometimes we don’t know the answer and although my client didn’t get the outlook she was hoping for, I’m happy that I was able to facilitate a warning from the universe to keep her guard up and to not ignore the red flags if they should appear.

I’m grateful for clients that don’t shoot the messenger but rather take the messages as warnings and guidance…a loving reminder of their value and their worth.

Sometimes it isn’t what we want to hear but sometimes those are the things we so greatly need to hear.

Sometimes we make mistakes and people and opportunities get hurt in the process but failing isn’t a death sentence. We have to pick ourselves up, recognise the lesson, go back to the drawing board and present fresh ideas with a balance mental and emotional state knowing what to avoid the next time around.

Today I did an Abundant Entrepreneur reading for a lovely woman and I just can’t express how profoundly deep this reading was for her and her business. She now knows what actions she needs to take to make her business flourish and what she can do to better support her clients, as well as what she needs to do for herself to make sure she is fully present for the many people that she helps! I’m so excited to see her business bloom and I am so blessed to connect with so many amazing people in the work that I do!

Sometimes we wish we could turn back the clocks on love but sometimes it’s better to go inward and love ourselves a bit more so we can be open for new love to bloom out of the holes in our heart.

There is nothing logical about love. We love who we love and should you find yourself logic-ing way the emotions and letting the technical details absorb you, you’ll miss out on what you could THE love of your life.

That being said, my client is nurturing her soul, manifesting her dreams, and focusing on self-care and I am so proud of her!

My clients also had a few things to say…

And I am in awe of the transformation. I have been knocked over by gratitude this week for the support of my business and for having such incredible clients!

Witchy Words

I hope you are having a magickal week! I just wanted to take the time to reach out and tell you a few things. 

First, after working tirelessly, I have updated my website and add some really incredible new tarot spreads for us to use in our next reading! I really wanted to focus on spreads that can be useful for growth and spiritual expansion. I also added a few that are specific such as: Mental Health, Pregnancy, and one that I am ridiculously excited to try is Astrological Tarot Birth Charts! I hope that you love them and that they resonate with you. So, when you get a minute, check out the new design and all of the new spreads I have available

Secondly, I am elated to announce that I am now able to offer readings using The Literary Witch oracle which seems to be loosely based off of traditional tarot. This deck celebrates literary women writers throughout history and I think it is a great way to lead us into Autumn. Besides that, they are ridiculously gorgeous! So if you are interested in having a reading done with these, please feel free to email me or contact me via Instagram or Facebook.

Lastly, if you haven’t joined my Facebook group, we would be thrilled to have you join in our conversations about tarot, paganism, metaphysics, the paranormal, and short stories, as well as FREE tarot readings for group members only. Today the theme is Witchy Wednesday where every week I write about all things witchy. I wanted to share this weeks post with you as it was a profound reminder for me. 

The Witch’s Pyramid is considered to be the four pillars of magick which enable your spells and your manifestations to come become reality. 

To Know: The thirst for knowledge. That as a witch you acknowledge that education in the craft is limitless and that you agree to seek truth in all things but also be willing to change your beliefs so that you can welcome awakening spirituality.

To Dare: You strive to push fear behind you and you will be proactive and courageous in all that you do. You promise to believe in yourself and have faith that the universe supports you and your abilities. 

To Will: You agree to learn to focus your thoughts, meditate, and visualise in order to reach your goals. You agree to find positive solutions for the obstacles that you may face and that you will not let your mind create unnecessary obstacles out of fear. 

To Be Silent: You agree to remain silent about your magick around those who would destroy in with their negative thoughts before it has the chance to manifest into reality. It also means that you will think before you speak and only speak of the light or from the heart. Be humble.

To Go: This is the ultimate meaning of the Witch’s Oath of Service in that you agree to master the four pillars of the pyramid and use them in positive ways to help yourself as well as others.

The posts I do on Wednesday are giving me a reason to revisit my roots and my foundation and this time it hit me hard. While my path started as a witch, I have also delved into more new age or metaphysical practices but maybe more specifically, The Law of Attraction which is the belief that our thoughts create our reality and that like attracts like.

So what we think and speak sends out a message to the universe and the universe essentially sends us the same thing back, like an echo. The Pillars of the Pentacle as shown above are essentially the same philosophy and I’m accepting it as a loving message from the universe that coming full circle means that you’ve always been on the right path, you just needed the same message delivered in a few different ways for you to finally get it.

So, what echos are you hearing back? Might want to think on that and make some adjustments. I know I am.