I don’t know if you have experienced this or not but usually when you get a tarot reading or a psychic reading, you pay for the reading or your allotted time and once that has been completed, that’s it. You feel that if you ask any questions past what you’ve paid for, or want to talk about your reading, you are breaking some sort of spiritual law. In whatever reading you’ve received, you feel blessed to be given so much valuable information for your life but then there is this let down because something is missing. 

Relationship is what is missing. 

I want to change that. 

Let me be clear here, I’m not a therapist. I’m not licensed in anything. I don’t have a degree in counselling. What I do have is a gift I was given to be the facilitator of spiritual truth — I let the universe speak through me — and by announcing this I am finally acknowledging my own spiritual truth. I also am immensely passionate about helping others and I went through some pretty harsh training for this as a teenager where I would spend hours and hours trying to help my friends and essentially, save them from themselves, and usually it was at my own expense. I had to learn in the hardest way possible that you can’t help people that don’t want to be helped —

This is my business. This is how I pay the bills and support our daughter’s education and dreams but I don’t want to take your money and leave you to get on with it. I want all of my clients to feel like they can discuss their reading with me; how they feel it is relevant or isn’t relevant to their current situation. I want you guys to feel like I’m your best-friend (in the closet) (It’s cool because I like skeletons) who will keep all of your secrets. 

I want you guys to know that I genuinely give a damn about YOUR existence. 

Spirituality shouldn’t feel like a business transaction leaving you half-full or empty depending on your level of optimism. 

The thing is that I’ve been given the gift and the opportunity to read cards and help people that are struggling a bit or just need some guidance and if I don’t open up a connection/relationship/community with my clients, then I’m not being accountable for the gift that the universe gave me. 

So from this moment on, if you get a reading from me and you want to have a chat about it — tell me as much or as little as you’d like — IT’S INCLUDED IN THE PRICE.

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