The Forest of Forgotten Shadows


This isn’t a trendy online course that is going to tell you how to think your way or spell your way into happiness or wealth asking you to invest thousands of dollars for a contorted and watered down version of magic. You won’t find pastel colors here in the shadows. Instead, you’ll find that the real magick happens in the dark when you are finally able to not only face your shadows but walk with them into the forest and play with the gnarled roots that snatch at your ankles. In this forest you will find healing. You will find insight. You will find clarity. You will discover yourself for the first time in your life. Here in this forest where the owls sing, you will discover all of the secrets to using your sacred power to conjure your destiny with grace and raw, fluid force. Join me and step into your power. Only real lightworkers know know to play in the shadows. 

Having done hundreds of tarot readings, I know that I am capable of being the conduit for your spiritual awakening.

This isn’t an fluffy, online course that tells you shit you already know…this is a bespoke, one-of-a-kind, 27+ card tarot reading that will give you profound insight into all major aspects of your life with detailed guidance, prediction, and accuracy. This tarot reading will tell you why you are here and what you are meant for, who is meant for you, and how you can claim your birthright as a co-creator of your human experience.

Save by purchasing through Paypal. Please leave me your email address and I will connect with you shorty. If you would like to purchase through Etsy you can do so here.

If you would like to discuss payment options, contact me via Instagram and we can discuss.

Your purchase includes the choice of any tarot deck available to use in my shop, one-on-one time to chat with me about your reading in depth where I offer additional information and suggestions that may include rituals or spellwork, a summary of your reading, and a high quality photo of your chosen cards.

Not sure I’m legit? Check out my reviews or purchase this reading and I’ll prove it to you.

*For entertainment purposes only. (Legal shit I have to say.)

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