How I used Tarot to Manifest my Soulmate

When I was a teenager I met a guy on Myspace. We fell in love as much as teenagers can and we were supposed to meet in person but we had a ton of growing up to do.

We dated other people. I had a child. He moved in with someone else. We remained solid friends through all of this.

Fast forward to 2017 where things massivley shifted in our lives and we decided to take a closer look at our friendship. We discovered that there were still feelings there…

I took out my cards.

Eight of Arrows: The burning torch of hope remains lit in the human soul.

His feelings for me: The Mirror: The inner journey to cross the island.

….so he insisted on coming to meet me, half way around the planet from England to Colorado….

Obviously I was incredibly nervous. I needed guidance and and clarity. I needed a hug from the universe that everything was going to be okay because having a decade long friendship with someone online and then meeting them in person is serious stuff.

So I took out my cards and did a reading.

Our relationship: Queen of Stones, Bear:
Power and protection. Richness and plenty surround you.

The two of us meeting: The World Tree:
The end to the wanderer’s journey. After a long process of learning, and rebirth, it is now time to bathe in the light of renewal, attainment, and personal triumph.

So we met…and it was absolutely incredible! Genuinely, a fairytale and I was head over heels for this man.

Then he did something stupid, he proposed like a week after meeting me….throwing me into full on panic…so…

I pulled out my cards…

Marriage: Queen of Stones, Bear:
Power and protection. We are secure. Our love is protected.

We got married 4 months later. I moved to England last September. I married my soul mate and while I am intuitive, I am still human. I still panic and freak out and I’m not sure I would have been able to get through all of this without the universe being able to communicate to me through my cards.

I had about a hundred and one doubts about myself and fears about meeting my husband in person and taking that leap of faith but the tarot showed me that I was in alignment and that there wasn’t a reason to be afraid because at the end of it, I would end up in a completely healthy and secure relationship. Had I not done those tarot readings for myself, I’m not sure what would have happened and I mean that sincerely.

This is why I have so much faith in Tarot as a means to not only heal ourselves and give us the encouragement and support to either show us the right path or confirm that we are in alignment with our soul’s purpose and needs, but also to help us break through that negative mindset that often times leads to our own destruction, disappointment, or at the very least, missed experiences.

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