Arcana of Astrology Online Oracle Reading

Delve into celestial guidance with The Arcana of Astrology oracle reading designed by author, Claire Goodchild who has kindly agreed to allow us to use her bespoke oracle spread. We will be traveling through the cosmos and visiting the planets, the asteroids, the houses, and the zodiac signs.

In this reading we will cover:
* What planet is your guide right now?
* Which zodiac sign traits can you channel in yourself for growth?
* Which asteroid is serving as a minor support to the planet card?
* What area of your life (house) is this all taking place in?

Your reading will include a high, quality image of your chosen cards, a handwritten summary of your reading, and time to discuss your reading or ask any questions you may have.

Upon purchasing, please send me a message with a picture of yourself as it gives me the ability to gain clear insight for you.

Your reading will include:

*Detailed, handwritten summary of your reading and high quality images of your chosen cards in JPEG format. Additionally, you will receive a ritual that you can use to aid you in your shadow work.

*1:1 time to chat with me over email about your reading if you have any follow up questions or just need someone to talk through everything with you.

Upon purchasing, please leave me a note with your email address, your name, a Picture Of yourself, and any other information you feel compelled to share with me.

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To Purchase:

Please send $21 to Paypal or Venmo @threeofstones and email with the above information.

*All tarot readings are for entertainment purposes only and do not replace professional health services. 3OFSTONES does not offer medical guidance.