3 Of Stones Occultist’s Oracle Divination Board : pyrography (Made to Order)

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Whether you’re just starting out or you are a seasoned witch, this is the complete divination board system for you! Hand wood burned, gilded with real silver, and painted, this divination board features pendulum circle, placements for tarot readings, astrological symbols, letters for seances, and includes a handmade ethical amethyst pendulum, as well as runes with a box for storage. This is a one of a kind item, handcrafted to level up your divination readings. Have a question for the pendulum but need more answers, add some tarot or runecasting to gain more clarity! It’s all here to support your intuition! It’s time to elevate your divinatory abilities.

The full wooden board measures 12” by 24” and is the perfect size for table top ritual work. 

Sold as a set. No refunds. Item took 30 hours to craft. Pay in installments with Afterpay. This product is made-to-order. Please allow 7-10 business days depending on commission schedule. 

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***If you’re seeing this item out of stock, contact me on IG @3ofstones or email me 3ofstones808@gmail.com to inquire about placing an order***

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