Double Terminated Scepter Quartz Crystal

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Clear Quartz is referred to by indigenous peoples as the brain cells of Mother Earth, holding a hologram of the soul with the ability to transmute negativity, amplify energy, deeply cleanse the soul, and raises your consciousness. Quartz restores energy and brings about harmony. Additionally, this piece is also a scepter quartz which were used as a symbol of spiritual authority and power in ancient Atlantis and Lemuria. Both generators and amplifiers of energy, Scepter Quartz resonate with deep healing, profound connection to spiritual dimensions, and promotes an alignment in living more authentically with your soul’s truth. This piece is 2 inches in length.

With the crystals quickly becoming a spiritual trend, unethical working conditions for miners, child-labor, and harmful mining practices are becoming more frequent which is why 3 Of Stones is committed to only sourcing 100% ethically sourced crystals directly from small miners within the U.S.

Crystals are both conduits of energy as well as absorbers of energy which can be a good or bad thing depending on their environment. When purchasing crystals from 3 Of Stones, you are guaranteed an ancient specimen that has only been touched by myself and the miner, making its energy pure and its healing abilities far superior.