Enhydro Amethyst Points -Ethically Sourced

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Ethically sourced and mined in Colorado, these little Amethyst points aid with sobriety, anxiety, and with these being Amethyst Enhydros, they also encourage you to go with the flow. Enydro crystals are crystals that have little bubbles of water trapped within a cavity of the crystal. Some of these contain enhydros and other’s do not. These pieces measure roughly, 1”-1.5” and will be intuitively chosen on your behalf unless otherwise specified via email or social messaging. Pieces available are shown and the price is for individual pieces. 

With the crystals quickly becoming a spiritual trend, unethical working conditions for miners, child-labor, and harmful mining practices are becoming more frequent which is why 3 Of Stones is committed to only sourcing 100% ethically sourced crystals directly from small miners within the U.S.

Crystals are both conduits of energy as well as absorbers of energy which can be a good or bad thing depending on their environment. When purchasing crystals from 3 Of Stones, you are guaranteed an ancient specimen that has only been touched by myself and the miner, making its energy pure and its healing abilities far superior.

Your purchase of this crystal means that you are protecting Mother Earth, supporting a small-business miner, and taking a stand against cruel mining practices. Thank you!


3 Of Stones strives to curate and craft quality products. All sales are final. Returns, refunds, and exchanges not accepted. Most items are rare finds or take 5-25 hours to make. Prices are calculated in consideration of cost of supplies, 30% taxes small businesses must pay to the IRS, and my time which is often less than minimum wage. Please take this into heart while considering this item.