Purchase this reading to connect with your dearly departed. In this reading I ask that your ancestor come forward to speak, or if they are unable to, that the Universe step in to speak on their behalf. This is an incredibly gentle reading that can give you some insight that might feel like a warm hug.

1. Please confirm who I am speaking with.

2. What loving messages do you have?

3. Is there something that you need me to know?

4. What guidance would you like to share?

5. Are you at peace?

6. Closing words.  

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With your purchase, you will receive a high quality photo of your tarot cards, a handwritten summary of your reading, and the time to discuss with me your reading, how it may be relevant, or if you have any questions. All readings are confidential. After purchasing your reading, please email me your name, the name of your ancestor, and any photos that may be helpful.

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