The following readings are specific to The Starseed oracle deck, written by Rebecca Campbell and illustrated by, Danielle Noel.

“Starseeds are souls who haven’t only incarnated on Earth. It is believed that the unconcious ways in which humans have been living on Earth (war, terrorism, separation, killing, disrespecting nature and animals) led the planet to send out a call to the cosmos and waves of Starseed souls answered…Starseeds often feel misplaced in the world. They posess a longing from home without really knowing where home is.” – Rebecca Campbell

The intention of these cards is fo you to connect and activate the hidden wisdom within your soul, Starseed or not. These cards draw on the archaic astronomy of our ancient ancestors, the universe, and all of the beings who reside in it across all dimensions.

One-Card Spread | For general guidance or situation specific.


Two-Card Spread | Divine soul guidance and inspired action.


Three-Card Spread | The call of the ego, the call of the soul, and the action you are being called to take.


Five-Card Spread | Discover who you are at the soul level and what your mission is, here on the planet Earth.


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