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Deck Review: Mystical Journey Oracle 2022

Mystical Journey Oracle was born from the mind of Tennessee Charpentier and connects us to divine source and initiates our healing through channeled artwork. Tennessee paints with the purpose of healing herself and others, turning shadows and trauma into visions of abundance, joy, healing, and love.

Printed on sturdy cardstock with holographic chrome edging, this deck really comes to life in my hands. I love the mix of both new age symbolism as well as a more Earthy, guttural feel of the art in this deck, tethering us from the womb of Gaia to the cosmos of mysteries and source. The energy of this deck brings divine feminine to the forefront almost as if the deck wants you to know that the gentleness of your soul is actually where the work begins and strength finds birth.

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Mystical Journey Oracle Tennessee Charpentier Rockpool publishing 2022
Mystical Journey Oracle 2022