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Ukraine Tarot Reading

When small men throw tantrums the effects ricochet across the planet. I’m going to be real, I felt completely helpless today, so I did what I normally do when I feel helpless. I consulted the tarot.

Why Did Putin attack Ukraine? — Death

This card indicates that Putin may fear for the future of Russia and is either resistant to change or is attempting to transcend by extending power and control. In a more literal context, this card could also indicate that Putin is a sociopath and relishes the death of the innocent at his command.

Why now? — The Lovers R

Something may be causing Putin to panic and create conflict within him. There is separation, trust issues, disconnection, and a lack of accountability surrounding this card. It feels as though there is something about his actions that are not being made visible to the public.

What are Putin’s motives? — seven of pentacles

His motives appear to be related to the propagation of money, power, and influence. He may believe that he is making a decision that may be hard for him or those around him to accept, he believes that Russia will reap the rewards of this venture at a later date.

What will the final outcome be? — The Empress R

The outcome of his actions will be disharmony, unstable ground, a lack of growth, and a lack of abundance. This could also suggest that his vision will be prematurely ended and that there may be a consequence to Mother Earth due to his carelessness.

What does the future hold for Putin? — 5 of wands R

In the future, the conflict that Putin has started will come to and end but he may not back down quietly so we could see further acts of extreme aggression and war as it is unlikely that compromise can be reached.


Will Russia launch a nuclear attack on the US? No

Will Russia attack other countries? No

Will there be an end to Russian rule? Yes

Will someone kill Putin? No

Will Putin kill himself? No

Will Putin be imprisoned? Yes

Will he be imprisoned this year? Yes, this month of February.

I feel better now. I hope you do too. Fingers crossed!


Imbolc Tarot Readings

Celebrate Imbolc and the beginnings of spring by honoring the Celtic Goddess Brigid with this bespoke tarot reading! Imbolc is the time to release the past and look towards the fertility of the future. Let’s do some spiritual, spring cleaning!

In this tarot reading we will cover:

  1. What can I leave behind?
  2. What should I plant for the future?
  3. What blessings does Goddess Brigid bestow on me this season?

Plus, a bonus Imbolc Oracle card using your choice of the Herbiary, Bestiary, or Crystalliary Oracle.

Purchase for $11.11 here.

Tarot for Children

As a Mum-Witch, tarot and oracle readings are a big part of our family. I introduced our daughter to tarot and oracle when she was 6-years-old and since, we have used them to give her guidance and she has even taken to giving readings to others and herself. We have found them to be a truly magickal tool for her as she processes feelings that are sometimes too big for her little bones.That’s why I am so happy to be able to offer this to your children. Readings can be done on behalf of the child or for the parent if they are looking for insight into their children. 

In addition, bought some really cute decks for everyone to use with their readings that are 100% kid friendly — let’s face it, sometimes the tarot depictions can be a little too creepy for the little witches and wizards. 

So, if you are interested in booking a reading, these bespoke tarot spreads can be found on my website or on my Etsy shop! I can’t wait to read for your littles!

Weekly Tarot Reflection

I’m elated to say that this week I was fully booked up with readings back to back. With these readings came a lot of powerful messages that I am sharing because I think we all could do with hearing it.

Tonight I did a compatibility reading for a client and this was the first one that I’ve done that wasn’t positive. It is such an awful feeling to have to deliver that to someone who’s hopeful about a new relationship but I trust my cards and I trust the universe.

Sometimes the things we want aren’t what is good for us. Sometimes the people that we want are mirroring old relationships that we thought we had broken free from. Sometimes we don’t know the answer and although my client didn’t get the outlook she was hoping for, I’m happy that I was able to facilitate a warning from the universe to keep her guard up and to not ignore the red flags if they should appear.

I’m grateful for clients that don’t shoot the messenger but rather take the messages as warnings and guidance…a loving reminder of their value and their worth.

Sometimes it isn’t what we want to hear but sometimes those are the things we so greatly need to hear.

Sometimes we make mistakes and people and opportunities get hurt in the process but failing isn’t a death sentence. We have to pick ourselves up, recognise the lesson, go back to the drawing board and present fresh ideas with a balance mental and emotional state knowing what to avoid the next time around.

Today I did an Abundant Entrepreneur reading for a lovely woman and I just can’t express how profoundly deep this reading was for her and her business. She now knows what actions she needs to take to make her business flourish and what she can do to better support her clients, as well as what she needs to do for herself to make sure she is fully present for the many people that she helps! I’m so excited to see her business bloom and I am so blessed to connect with so many amazing people in the work that I do!

Sometimes we wish we could turn back the clocks on love but sometimes it’s better to go inward and love ourselves a bit more so we can be open for new love to bloom out of the holes in our heart.

There is nothing logical about love. We love who we love and should you find yourself logic-ing way the emotions and letting the technical details absorb you, you’ll miss out on what you could THE love of your life.

That being said, my client is nurturing her soul, manifesting her dreams, and focusing on self-care and I am so proud of her!

My clients also had a few things to say…

And I am in awe of the transformation. I have been knocked over by gratitude this week for the support of my business and for having such incredible clients!



Even the solar system is getting spooky and simply oozing with Halloween spirit this season! But what does that mean for us mere mortals? The New Moon will enter Scorpio on October 27th and ironically enough, Scorpio calls for the masks to fall; to embrace truth, transformation, and the acceptance of both our light and our darkness.

Scorpio calls on us to acknowledge everything about ourselves, our lives, and our past that is painful and uncomfortable because it is not until we can shine light on the darkest parts of our being that we can begin to heal from rotting wounds, unearth the skeletons that are taking up space in our closets making room for self-expansion, or take off the masks that we wear as defence from judgement of ourselves and others—can we acquire healing. In addition, the New Moon is a great time to set intentions for goals and the future, so look at this time as a way of sweeping away the old energies that you have been avoiding, so that you can welcome in spiritual abundance on all levels.

To extend the unmasking process, evidently, Scorpio does not tolerate deception on any account. During the Scorpio moon we will surely be made aware of the truth whether we like it or not so it is best to embrace truth openly to build a healthy relationship with honesty and integrity. If you find yourself deceiving someone else in your life, now would be a great time to be proactive in the situation where you are one step ahead of Mercury rather than a perhaps, not so pretty unveiling.

New Moon in Scorpio calls on us to shed our falsities and our shadows, and lovingly set fire to it for all the cosmos to witness.

Finally, as we move into retrograde on Halloween/Samhain, Mercury calls on us to slow down and be mindful of our words — you will need to pay extra attention to how you are communicating with others. During Mercury retrograde, it is always a good time to back up electronic devices so Mercury doesn’t play a bad trick on you this Halloween, reflect on plans and fine tune the details before committing to them, and as always, inner self-reflection. With Mercury in Retrograde during Scorpio New Moon, I feel like this retrograde will call on us to not only reveal our ugly and sometimes brutal truths, but also really allow ourselves to sit with them; explore how we feel about them, how they affect us, what we can learn from them, how we can emotionally release them — reflect hard on these dark and dusty corners before you hastily sweep them away because they will only turn up in another dusty corner, perhaps conspiring with what lives there.

While this season may seem ominous, sometimes the ultimate chaos is what leads to the ultimate transformation so though it may be daunting, if you embrace it with open arms and commit yourself to taking off your mask and clearing the rotten bits, things not only might smell better in your closet but you might find yourself transforming, healing, and expanding into a more authentic version of yourself. Plus, zombies need Hugs too!

Below I have brewed a few rituals that you can try this week to help propel you into that authenticity.


On Halloween night, after you have done your tricks and treats, but before you have taken off your halloween costume, stand in front of a mirror and with every piece of your costume that comes off, repeat the following:

I no longer need this mask to protect me.

I am healed of my wounds.

I am healed of insecurity.

I am worthy of love.

The shadows don’t scare me.

I welcome them.

Just as I welcome the light.

I accept my authentic self

Because I am human

And everything that I was and everything

That I am, has made me who I am today.

And I am ghoulishly spooktacular.

So Mote It Be.

Journaling With The New Moon

The New Moon is a great time to set new intentions so during this New Moon I would suggest the following journal prompts:

1. What am I still holding onto from the past that no longer serves me? (Then destroy this page however you see fit and release it forever.)

2. What am I insecure about it my life? What do I try to hide from the world?

3. What do I love about myself?

4. What are my goals for the next 6 months?

5. What action could I take during the week of the Full Moon that could support my goals?

New Moon Scorpio Tarot Reading

This spread has a Halloween theme and is designed to bring inner shadows to light, guide you on releasing those shadows, prepare you for the next month, show you where your focus should be, and give you divine guidance for the month.

1. Skeletons In The Closet

2. Banishing the Ghosts in the Attic

3. A Visit With The Gypsy

4. Spell Casting

5. The Mystic in The Mountains

6. Masks Off

I’ll be offering this reading for an empathy-based donation of:

£20 £30 £40

http://www.paypal.me/inkyquillwarts to book