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Hex Putin

I’m going to be real with all of you right now, the invasion of Ukraine has hit me to my core and not without good reason. This may be the first time in history, a war has been visually documented almost in real time, and accessed at our fingertips so effortlessly. Being an empath adds a whole new dimension to this accessibility because everything I see feels like I am there with other Ukrainians experiencing their pain, their fear, and their rage. I keep thinking to myself that I need to give myself a break from the news, from my Tiktok which is basically #ukrainetok now, but I can’t. Looking away, even for a day, feels like a betrayal to those who are actually suffering. I’ve accepted that although my mind, body, and spirit are tormented right now, the least that I can fucking do is to be witness to their pain. To suffer as much as I can along with them because I already feel helpless enough in this situation. Thank you to those of you who have continued to watch all of my Instagram stories with as much dedication as I have had in sharing them. As someone pointed out to me, I have survivors guilt. I feel like a shitty person sitting here in my comfy home while so many are suffering, dying, losing their homes, or being forcefully taken from their country. 

That being said, I see witches calling to Hex Putin and when the invasion first hit Ukraine, I almost leaned into vengeance magick but I need to make something really, really clear. Hexing Putin is no different than taking a knife to his throat, when we boil it down to pure intention and you cannot fight evil with evil. You can add the label, “To protect Ukrainians” all you want, it doesn’t change the fact that you are consciously wishing ill will on someone — and who the fuck made you Goddess? Is it possible that you are actually meddling in universal affairs you have no business in? Have I had thoughts of Putin’s assassination? Hell yes. Of course I have. How could one witness the atrocities happening in Ukraine without wanting the head of that snake to be chopped off and roasted in the pits of hell? We are human. But as spiritual beings, our goal is to transform our sacred rage into healing, protection, love, humanity. By all means, cast your spells, perform your rituals but you cannot remove like with like. You cannot call for peace while you call for destruction. You cannot fight egotism with egotism.  Like attracts like. How do we remove Putin without calling for his destruction? By casting spells of protection for Ukraine and her people, because the natural consequence is Putin’s loss of power. Do you see the difference? You don’t need to hex Putin. The universe will take care of him as a natural consequence of the love you have in your soul for Ukraine. It is all about intention and that is what it has always been about. 

Does this mean that if I was in Ukraine right now, I would walk towards Russian soldiers with my arms outstretched to hug them in hopes that If I squeezed them tight enough they would love me and decide not to kill me? Fuck no. I would gladly take up arms if I had to but if I were to take on a Russian soldier, my intention would be to neutralize the situation and end any future harm that soldier could do to my people. It would not be, to end that soldier’s life out of hate. And therein lies the difference. I’ve got news for you, Wiccan or not, this is why the Witch’s Creed exists.

So while I understand why witches are angry, I implore my occult community to resist fighting fire with fire because in doing so, you become the very adversary you are fighting against. You become the perpetrator you are fighting against and thus you become the villain to your own soul. I can guarantee you that the way out of this isn’t ego-based hexes that call on the darkness to vanquish darkness. Stop. Be ultra-conscious of your thoughts and intentions right now because the last thing the world needs right now is more of us spewing negativity and bullshit into the matrix.

Interestingly enough, it may be better actually to try to empathize with Putin and before you close this blog, hear me out. Putin has a mental disorder. He was born or made into someone who literally cannot empathize with anyone because he is incapable of empathy — it is not actually a choice for him because he is a psychopath — clinically. His brain only allows him to do everything in his ability to raise himself into power to quench his thirst for feeling something, anything because he feels dead every single day. Would it then be beneficial to cast a spell that he feels powerful and glorified enough so that he no longer sees a need for this war? Practice tactical magick, folks. Yes, what he is doing is wrong, there are no excuses but he does have a mental illness and his mental illness may just be the necessary evil we need in the world…more on that later. 

There is already enough ugliness in the world that often makes me question my spirituality and what the actual point of this life is, and if you are here for my typical ending notes of inspiration, you won’t find it here today. This war has made me question everything about my life and my spirituality to the point that I am struggling with whether I should buy materials for an upcoming project I have for 3 Of Stones/Smokecraft Hollow, or buy supplies for what my family is now referring to as, “The Apocalypse Cabinet”. Daily, I am battling with feelings of panic, depression, anger, anxiety…It is hard to feel like there is a point to anything mundane that I do in daily life when it feels like all the cards are stacked against us equally and collectively, between impending WWIII, the climate crisis, and repeating pandemics. 

Speaking of cards: let’s consult them now with questions that if you are still reading this, I’m sure you are wondering as well. 

  1. What can we expect of the war in Ukraine?

Nine of Wands reversed tells us that a compromise will not be reached between Putin and Ukraine and therefore, could be indicative that Russia will take over Ukraine. Particularly this card speaks of fatigue and defeat particularly because Ukraine is committed to fight to the death. They will not stand down even when they know they have already lost. Intuitively this card could also be perceived as symbolizing mass incarceration which we have already seen this week in regards to reports of Ukrainians being forcefully removed from Ukraine and sent to camps in Russia. 

  1. Will the U.S. become militarily involved?

Two of Wands tells us that the U.S. will face a hard choice but ultimately, will expand its financial support of Ukraine and may also become militarily involved with Russia but it doesn’t feel like they will be alone; world governments, perhaps NATO involvement. This future involvement may be the result of something shifting within the chaos that leads the U.S. to believe that their actions towards Russia will be victorious. 

  1. What is the outlook for the global economy?

Judgement tells us that the global economy may come under scrutiny and that the way the economy currently operates may need to be shifted in order to continue to thrive and support the global community. Additionally, this card can be a warning to watch investments and where spending is channeled right now as the markets may become volatile and adaptation is needed. 

  1. Five of Wands tells us that we should be prepared for a larger conflict which may cause a ripple effect of conflicts and consequences that make life a bit more complicated. We may want to focus on lightly stocking up on food and supplies, and sharing any wealth that we have with others so that they can have a safety net as well. 
  2. What does the future hold for Putin?

Four of Cups tells us that Putin may become discontent, bored, and disillusioned with his life and goals — he will hit a place of stagnancy. This could also indicate that he will not stop at Ukraine because taking Ukraine may not be enough to satiate his need for dominance, power, and wealth. This bounces off an article from the Guardian I read this week that talks about Putin’s need for Russia to always be on top of every outcome. 

  1. What will the war in Ukraine lead to?

Four of Wands in reversed tells us that Ukraine as a community will become divided — this card feels sad, as though there will be no future celebrations in Ukraine, and a lot of Ukrainians will have to live elsewhere. The card imagery also contains white, blue, and red perhaps an indication that this time of sadness is caused by Russia or that Ukraine itself becomes a part of Russia again, thus destroying Ukrainian culture. 

The dresses of the women in this card show the Russian Flag.
  1. Is Ukraine the beginning of WWIII?

The Chariot leads us into battle. There’s really no other way to interpret this in that the card itself represents ambition, motivation, control, and swift movement. Ukraine may end up being the start of another global war and frankly, it doesn’t need a divination reading in order to see the trajectory that we are facing. We would need a miracle right now to avoid our worst fears…that, or complacency. Additionally, in my last Ukraine tarot reading, this was the card that I pulled in regards to whether the U.S. would become involved in the war. 

  1. What lessons are we to learn from this?

Queen of Pentacles reversed describes sociopath/psychopathic behavior and being fueled by power and money regardless of the consequences and the chaos left in wake. Perhaps this card indicates a more global lesson on global citizens being manipulated into electing or allowing sociopaths positions of power and consistently watching our suffering play out generation after generation. This card calls us to take back our power and hold accountable those who privately pursue their own interests while sacrificing everyone else as well as the planet. 

  1. Are we approaching the foretold apocalypse?

Two of Swords represents coming face to face with our fears but also not wanting to witness the horror that stands before us. We are at a crossroads where we must change or we may meet our own demise. If we refuse to take off the blindfold and refuse to stop pretending that our way of life is sustainable, than we will be defeated by a power greater than we have ever known. Ultimately, fate is moving a long with or without us in order to preserve life. 

11. What major events or influences can we expect this year?

Ten of Swords in reversed position indicates that hard times are ahead and we may narrowly escape disaster as our greatest fears may come to pass. However, this card sees all or some of us, rising from the ruin to move past the hardships that we have experienced. This card can also relate to near death experiences and incredible failure. Coupled with The Magician reversed tells us that we may experience a time of doubt in regards to ourselves and the world around us as we may become more aware that we have been manipulated by a force greater than us. Lastly, Five of Swords indicates deception, aggression, and conflict — a victory that is hard won. 

12. What should we do to prepare ourselves and our families? 

The Tower reversed asks us to see the global situation for what it is, take it seriously, and start making preparations for your family and specifically within your community. There is no point resisting the inevitable or trying to ignore what you see. Everything must come crashing down in order for the opportunity to rebuild the world into something better. From the ashes a phoenix can be born but we would do well not to ignore her as she swoops in to destroy what needs to be destroyed and sacrifice herself in one fell swoop. Remember, that when the forest is burned to ash and everything dies, the ashes feed the soil, and vegetation is reborn stronger than it was before. This is the nature of all things.  

13. What message does the universe have for us during this time?

Change is coming whether you are ready for it or not, whether you want it or not. Now more than ever, live in the moment and be quick on your toes, ready to adapt. Change is coming and it is coming fast. 

Now, I’m going to tell you what I feel in my bones and what I have felt since I was a child; I was born on this planet during a time where I will watch mass destruction unfold. I have always felt it to the point that when I was a teenager, I had visions of war; bloody handprints and rubble in the gym of my school. I have always felt like I’m waiting for a time when I am supposed to prepare for the worst and hope I survive long enough to help rebuild the world into something better. I am here to watch it all collapse. I am a Tower child. And true to form, my life reflects this with stacked layers of traumatic experiences almost in preparation for what may come.

Whether or not any of what I have written in my reading comes to pass; it does not take a psychic to predict that the way humanity is living is not sustainable — and let’s not pretend that it is just the war. It is also climate crisis, pandemics, raging wildfires across the world, flooding, freak weather events, our addiction to oil, nuclear bombs, deforestation,  the economy, etc, this trajectory cannot continue, and the Earth has already begun activating her survival instincts. She will rid herself of us before she is destroyed because if there is only one purpose of life that I know, it is that the purpose of life is life. We are threatening that cosmic code and we will be removed from the equation. It also does not take a psychic to see that we have gone past the threshold of changing the course of events; there is nothing significant that can be done about the climate crisis that we have created other than damage control mitigation. There will not be anything that can be done until our current way of life is destroyed to the point where we physically cannot contribute to the rise in carbon on this planet. If we were by some small miracle able to reverse the course of events, it would still mean years of destruction before our actions started making any difference. We have watched world leaders consistently put the oil-based economy first and that will continue until it physically cannot. And if you need more proof that the Russian invasion of Ukraine and climate crisis is connected, just look at the rising gas prices. The U.S. has enabled Russia to be the power that it is by buying oil from Russia and putting oil-based economy above morality. I will never understand why humans are so hell-bent on their own destruction.

Which brings me back to spirituality; there are some things that I don’t believe can be influenced by magick. There are some things in our cosmic cycles that are engraved in the wheel that we are spinning around on based on our collective choices. There are some things, no matter how gruesome they may be, that are meant to happen because if they don’t happen (in this case) we will be destroyed. We must witness total or partial destruction of our species in order for the planet to survive unless leaders around the world start actually doing something because recycling, buying electric cars, installing solar on our houses isn’t enough. We cannot do enough and actually, it isn’t our fucking responsibility. We do not control the markets. We do not control the products. We have been force-fed this way of life and we can’t get off this drug unless “they” stop producing it.

We may also need to witness WWIII because if we don’t, men like Putin will continue to remain in power and the masses will continue to allow this paradigm to be their reality.  Magick spells cant change our trajectory but it might be able to cushion the damage and I know as I write this, I’m digging my own “professional witch-grave”. Nevertheless, I believe It might take WWIII for us all to wake up — and unfortunately at the expense of the innocent. This is why I am asking you to focus on love and protection for Ukrainians and others who are and will be fighting this war. Focus on healing the planet. Focus on truth and justice prevailing. Cast spells of light as we approach what may be the darkest shadows we have ever faced. 

I have never wanted to be wrong more than I do now. I genuinely hope that tarot is actually bullshit and I’ve hit some new level of psychosis. I want there to be some solution to all of this that I’m not seeing but I don’t. Where the cards sit now in the timeline that humanity has chosen, are stacked and the problems that we have created on this planet are converging around us in the form of dead bodies, freak weather events, wildfires, flooding, full capacity hospitals, mass human migration, nuclear threats, endangered species, and rising temperatures. We have officially reached tipping point and I’m not going to tell you to not be scared. I’m not going to soften this by saying I am fear-mongering and you shouldn’t listen to me. You should be scared and if you aren’t, you aren’t listening or looking. You should feel panic rising like sour bile up your throat. That sour bile and the extra blood your heart is pumping is our only fucking hope. Accept that this is the reality that we have created— and do everything in your power to call on healing, intuition, mass empathy, and protection for our species and the other species we share this planet with that we have also endangered; or at the very least, get yourself and your family into a safe, and sustainable way of life with a commitment that should you survive through the worst, you will rebuild this shit hole we have dug into a fortress of ascension that focuses on more indigenous ways of life — harmonious relationship with each other, every creature on this planet, and each other.

This isn’t about saving the Earth…she will always survive. This is about saving humanity but in order to do that, we have to treat the Earth as if she were a living, breathing, human with every right to live in peace and health. Do you see the connection? In order for us to get out alive, we have to treat the Earth like she is our living, breathing, child.

If you see me holding my breath it will only be because the air around me is to toxic to inhale. 

I have resigned to hopelessness. If anything else is a result I didn’t expect, it’ll be a happy surprise.

It may be time to acknowledge that the only way out of this darkness is actually to let the darkness consume us. An act of sacrifice to allow future generations a chance to experience the light that we took for granted.