Blood Crystals?

I’ve spent the past few days researching products for my shop, crystals specifically. I curated a whole list of unique minerals I wanted to offer all of you in the future, only to realize at the end of my research that my spiritual community is knowingly or unknowingly supporting child labor, poor wages, poor working […]

Imbolc Tarot Readings

Celebrate Imbolc and the beginnings of spring by honoring the Celtic Goddess Brigid with this bespoke tarot reading! Imbolc is the time to release the past and look towards the fertility of the future. Let’s do some spiritual, spring cleaning! In this tarot reading we will cover: What can I leave behind? What should I […]

Why I’m here.

I’ve spent lifetimes working through my own trauma. Abuse from relationships. Self-abuse caused by emotional crushing. Trauma from my body always trying to fight against me. Trauma from financial scarcity. Mortality trauma relating to a suicide in the family. Trauma from broken hearts and mistrust. Emotional womb trauma after my daughter’s birth. I’ve been manipulated. […]

Witchy Shop Feature

Recently I reached out to my witchy shop community about helping me rebuild and fill our home with gorgeous products and this week I was sent this gorgeous collection from @pisces.apothecary Included is:A Banishing Candle with a bay leaf and black salt detailing; which I plan to use for negative thinking and anxiety..A Sea Magic […]