Why I’m here.

I’ve spent lifetimes working through my own trauma. Abuse from relationships. Self-abuse caused by emotional crushing. Trauma from my body always trying to fight against me. Trauma from financial scarcity. Mortality trauma relating to a suicide in the family. Trauma from broken hearts and mistrust. Emotional womb trauma after my daughter’s birth. I’ve been manipulated. Cheated on. Lied to. Emotionally abused. Physically abused. Ashamed. Mortified. And guess what, I’m STILL trying to heal. I’m still fighting battles with anxiety, second guessing, limiting beliefs, distrust, anger, and emotional anguish. There’s days where I wake up and wonder what the fuck I’m doing with my life, or why it’s so hard for my body to feel good, or why I feel so emotionally disconnected and too emotionally connected sometimes at the same time — you know “the numb”. I know I’m not alone in this.
You may be thinking; “How in the hell this witch thinks that she can help heal my trauma when she doesn’t even have her shit together?” But here’s the thing…the reason why I am here is because two major things.

  1. When I read for you, I am able to aid in your healing because I can emotionally empathize with your pain, and because when I aid in your healing, I heal myself.
  2. When I read for you, it makes every fucked up thing I have ever been through in my life MEAN SOMETHING. It makes every tear, every scream, every cut gashed into my skin out of desperation to feel alive…MEAN SOMETHING. It makes my pain matter. Because when you come to me for a tarot reading and the universe speaks through me, and we can talk it out, and I can give you tools and rituals to work through your shit, it’s because I have been right where you are or at least close to it.
    NO ONE can help heal the broken unless they themselves have been broken. — Read that back and repeat it.
    I vow that I will be your advocate, support you, guard your secrets, guide you to the best of my ability, be your fierce supporter. Together we heal. Together we manifest a life beyond the darkness of trauma.
    I’ll be here when you are ready to heal with me. Eternally. Take the first step and drop me a shadow 👇🏼

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